Marie Kristiansen: The Result of Partial Obedience and an Unequal Yoke

13.11.08-07.12.08 (Galleri A minor)

Exhibition in Galleri A

Marie Kristiansen’s latest work The Result of Partial Obedience and Unequal Yoke focuses on preconceived ideas of womanhood which are deeply encrusted in contemporary society. A group of sculptural women are presented in seemingly familiar settings: eating around a dining table, cooking dinner in the kitchen, lounging in the bathtub. By carefully staging each figure, she juxtaposes the explicit and uncomfortable with youthful Scandinavian beauty, and lures the viewer into her surreal universe and questions our own perceived realities. The images are shot on the west coast of Norway, as a tribute to her native country. The dramatic scenery contributes to the creation of her signature surreal scenarios, while the darkness of the shots gives associations to isolation.

“From a very young age, I’ve always been aware of society’s stereotypes imposed on women. Upon coming of age I, like many other young girls, put myself in many situations where I would feel obliged to fulfill a role and become someone I’m not to the extent of self-effacement. Both men and women go through life feeling like they have to live up to ideals, which can create confusion and a sense powerlessness and solitude in your own life. ”

Marie Kleivdal Kristiansen was born in Norway in 1982. The cinematic character in her work can be traced back to her upbringing as the daughter of direct or/producer parents. Her own birth featured in the award winning film “Headman” (1984) and went on to spend most of her childhood on film sets. At the age of nine, she was rewarded the Youth in Film Award in Hollywood for Best Young Actress in a Foreign Film for her role in Måker (1991). She performed in several productions at the Opera House in Oslo as part of the Norwegian Royal Academy of Ballet. Kristiansen graduated from Central Saint Martin in 2007 and has since exhibited her works in public and private spaces in Norway and abroad.

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