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The word jungle originates from the Sanskrit word jangala, meaning uncultivated land. The term is prevalent in many languages, and is commonly used to refer to the plant growth replacing primeval forest or to the unkempt tropical vegetation that takes over abandoned areas. The vegetation is sufficiently dense to obstruct movement by humans.

The word "jungle" itself carries connotations of untamed and uncontrollable nature and isolation from civilization, along with the emotions that evokes: threat, confusion, powerlessness, disorientation and immobilization. Because jungles occur on all inhabited landmasses and may incorporate numerous vegetation and land types, the wildlife of jungles cannot be defined and consists of the biota of the land type and region.

As a metaphor, jungle often refers to situations that are unruly or lawless, or where the only law is perceived to be "survival of the fittest". The term "The Law of the Jungle" is also used in a similar context, drawn fromRudyard Kipling´s, The Jungle Book (1894) — though in the society of jungle animals portrayed in that book are obviously meant as a metaphor for human society. The phrase referred to is an intricate code of laws which Kipling describes in detail, and not at all to a lawless chaos.

Welcome to the Jungle!

HaMa Woods (f.1981) er en norsk stensilkunstner basert i Oslo. Hun får nå oppmerksomhet i Norge og utlandet for motiver som ofte refererer seg til relasjonen mellom mennesker og natur. De oppfattes gjerne humoristiske men har en alvorlig undertone. Hun har gjort flere store oppdrag bland annet i samarbeid med Kulturetaten –Oppsal T-banestasjon, A-media, og Avinor- Sola Airport.

Det vil bli en release av et print ”TEAMWORK” (Edition 75, fabriano 250 gsm, 74 x 51 cm) som vil bli gitt til de fem første besøkende på åpningen. Det vil også være duket for andre overraskelser og giveaways.

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